UN and the International Organization

UN and the International Organization

There are several organizations around the world internationals that have the economic and political cooperation with military. The greatest of this peace organizations is the UN.

The UN

After the Second World War, almost all the nations of the planet, in order to guarantee peace and security in the world, they gave birth to the UN, the United Nations Organization.

Among the main objectives of this organization are:

  • Facilitate the development and maintenance of friendly relations between states;
  • To guarantee the right of every people to self-determination
  • Promote international cooperation in the economic field, social and cultural.

The Organization UN

The organization was born on October 24, 1945 with the entry into force of the Charter of the United Nations. 193 adhere to it States of the world, out of a total of 205. The UN is made up of numerous governing bodies and agencies. Among the most important are remember the General Assembly and the Security Council.

Headquarter of the UN, New York

UN Agencies

UN agencies deal with interventions at the level world on issues and problems such as hunger, health, the environment. Among the main ones we mention: ✗ FAO ✗ UNESCO ✗ The WHO



The Food Organization of the United Nations e agriculture, in acronym FAO, is a specialized agency of United Nations with the aim of helping to raise levels of nutrition, increase agricultural productivity, improve the life of rural populations and contribute to growth world economy of food and agriculture. Has based in Rome.


unesco logo

The United Nations Educational Organization is a specialized agency of the United Nations, created with the purpose of promoting peace and understanding between nations with education, science, culture, communication and the information. It is based in Paris.


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The World Health Organization promotes research and defense of health. He is currently working on the water and sanitation problem for fight the spread of infectious diseases. It is based in Geneva.


In our opinion, these organizations are very useful for improve the whole world. They offer help and work out, too if sometimes in part, existing problems. They offer a second chance to all those nations, such as Africa, for example, who don’t have much to live on. We citizens too should follow these ideas, helping, in our own small way, people who are not lucky like we are.